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Постой, паровоз ( англ. )

Автор слов: Олег Городецкий

Автор музыки: Народная музыка

 Am Dm
Stop on, hey you train,
 E Am
Let your wheels don`t be knocking...
 C E7
Conductor, press-down the stop-machine!
I`m hurrying to my mother
 A7 Dm
With last congratulations
 Am E7 Am
And now by her eyes I should be seen.
Don`t wait for me mother,
Your son is not a good son,
Your son will never be the same...
Today I`ve been sucked
By dirty bog of danger
And now all my life is like a game.
Stop on, hey you train,
Let your wheels don`t be knocking...
It`s now time to look eyes fortune`s in...
Until it is not late
For making stopping station,
Conductor, press-down the stop-machine!



Сцена 'Второй канал' ТА '32 Августа' на 29-м Грушинском фестивале (Часть2) 05.07.02 02:00 (Сборник - Bard.ru, 2002)
Stop on hear train, don`t your nock wills of turningПостой, паровоз ( англ. )
  О.Городецкий  О.Городецкий  Народная

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